Welcome to our website. We would like to use this as an opportunity to share our experiences and adventures on our Journey to Unity.

Our aim is to explore unity in all its forms but especially unity consciousness. During our journey we will be sharing insights, articles, ideas and information which, in turn, we hope will assist you on your spiritual journey also.

On any great journey there are times when challenges will be faced. There is a great sense of achievement and satisfaction when these challenges are overcome.

On our Facebook page Journey to Unity, we have weekly challenges.  Your challenge, should you choose/decide to accept it, could be to embrace a positive word or phrase, adopt a positive change or inspire others.

If you do feel that you can share your experiences, we would love to hear from you.

We look forward to getting to know you.



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About Us

A little bit about – Tania

I had been interested in learning Reiki and exploring alternative healing modalities a long time before I finally got involved. It was actually after going through some very tough times that my spiritual journey started in earnest. Following a Reiki session and subsequent spiritual counselling I realised my life was changing for the better and I was seeing things differently and decided this was what I wanted to pursue in my life and the way I wanted to live.

Since then I have continued to develop my spiritual practice and have participated in various workshops, to date these have included learning about psychic healing, chakras, auras, angels and Feng Shui, I have also attended the ATIH (Awakening The Illuminated Heart) 4 day course among others.

I attend regular meditation / spiritual development classes and enjoy reading, practicing yoga and travelling to different places and learning about different cultures. I am a practitioner of Rahanni,  Reiki and Vegas Nerve Rejuvenation and love being a channel for healing.


A little bit about – Mark

I grew up in New Zealand. In my early twenties I moved to England in the search of adventure and to travel the world.

In my thirties I began to feel there was something missing, something I just could not put my finger on. This is the time when I started to get interested in spiritual studies.

Since then I have regularly attended spiritual development classes and many workshops. These include ATIH (Awakening The Illuminated Heart), psychic healing and more.

In 2016 I started the website, The Alchemist’s Journey. This enabled me to combine my interests in reading and writing about spiritual subjects, travel and photography.  Whenever possible I will try to use my own photos.


Together we started this website-‘Journey to Unity’ in order to share our spiritual journey, where we hope we can share experiences and ideas and help others on their spiritual path.

Tania & Mark

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Services and Contact

Very soon we will be offering various types of healing.

Until then please check regularly.