About Us

A little bit about – Tania

I had been interested in learning Reiki and exploring alternative healing modalities a long time before I finally got involved. It was actually after going through some very tough times that my spiritual journey started in earnest. Following a Reiki session and subsequent spiritual counselling I realised my life was changing for the better and I was seeing things differently and decided this was what I wanted to pursue in my life and the way I wanted to live.

Since then I have continued to develop my spiritual practice and have participated in various workshops, to date these have included learning about psychic healing, chakras, auras, angels and Feng Shui, I have also attended the ATIH (Awakening The Illuminated Heart) 4 day course among others.

I attend regular meditation / spiritual development classes and enjoy reading, practicing yoga and travelling to different places and learning about different cultures. I am a practitioner of Rahanni,  Reiki and Vegas Nerve Rejuvenation and love being a channel for healing.


A little bit about – Mark

I grew up in New Zealand. In my early twenties I moved to England in the search of adventure and to travel the world.

In my thirties I began to feel there was something missing, something I just could not put my finger on. This is the time when I started to get interested in spiritual studies.

Since then I have regularly attended spiritual development classes and many workshops. These include ATIH (Awakening The Illuminated Heart), psychic healing and more.

In 2016 I started the website, The Alchemist’s Journey. This enabled me to combine my interests in reading and writing about spiritual subjects, travel and photography.  Whenever possible I will try to use my own photos.


Together we started this website-‘Journey to Unity’ in order to share our spiritual journey, where we hope we can share experiences and ideas and help others on their spiritual path.

Tania & Mark